So I looked up several recipes for chicken wraps:

Summer chicken wraps for 4 

12oz chicken breasts, cooked, cooled, and sliced into strips (about 2 chicken breasts)
4 burrito-sized flour tortillas (I used Mission Low-Carb Tortillas)
1/2 cup hummus (I used Sabra Roasted Red Pepper hummus)
1/2 cup shredded carrots
1/2 cucumber, thinly sliced
2 vine-ripened tomatoes, sliced and seeded
1/4 cup fresh basil, torn
1 avocado, sliced
salt & pepper

Chicken wraps for 4


  • 1/2 cup garlic-herb spreadable cheese
  • 4 flavored flour tortillas of your choice (8 inches), room temperature
  • 4 large lettuce leaves
  • 3 plum tomatoes, cut into thin slices
  • 1 package (6 ounces) thinly sliced deli smoked chicken breast
  • 1 medium cucumber, cut lengthwise into thin slices
  • 1/2 cup shredded carrot

Despite the elaborate recipes above, my recipe was actually inspired by Subway. I often eat the meatball marina from Subway in a wrap, and I watch as they put the meatballs, the vegetables, and a little sauce and then wrap it up.

My recipe is self created! 😀

Well not really, but it was not inspired by anything in particular. I just attempted to make it as healthy as possible, by reducing the amount of unhealthy cooking( e.g. frying) in the entire meal. Additionally, many fruits and vegetables lose some of their nutrients when they are cooked, and by serving fresh lettuce and tomatoes, I have made the meal more nutritious.

I decided to have just enough lettuce to cover the base of the wrap.

– 2 pieces of lettuce.

Then I decided to add some tomatoes, to make it juicier and not dry.

– 2 pieces of lettuce

– a few slices of tomato

Finally, to add some flavour to the wrap, I decided to add some grilled chicken, which would also be a source of protein.

– 2 pieces of lettuce

– a few slices of tomato

– grilled chicken.

For my fruit salad, I based it on the salad I have at home. My mother usually mixes apples, pears, and occasionally adds in blueberries or papaya for variety of taste, colours and nutrients. Thus, I decided to make a fruit salad of apples, pears and blueberries, especially because my sister prefers blueberries.

So honestly speaking, there wasn’t much research about the contents of the wrap. There was some about how to actually make the wrap skin (when I planned to originally), but then I decided that it would be too time consuming, and thus decided to just use pre-made wraps from the supermarket.

Okay so I used the nutritional-value-calculator on the Health Promotion Board website to calculate the nutritional value of my food item (for one person):

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.23.04 PM

(I’m so sorry it’s so small. I couldn’t figure out how to make it bigger. You’ll need to click on it to see it full screen.)

Note: I had to substitute some of the foods with others that I thought would be similar because some of them couldn’t be found (e.g. a tomato, the grilled chicken) and there were a few foods (e.g. the blueberries) that could not be added at all, because they simply were not in the database. I also did not put in quantities like the sugar, because they were in small amounts.

Thus, the calorie count generated will be lower than the actual calorie count of the food item.

(on a later note, I think the calorie counter was inaccurate. After doing my PT, I ate my wrap, and despite it supposedly being 183 calories, I was very full afterwards.)


Task analysis

The task:

“Your mum has requested that you help to prepare a simple nutritious dish (main course, accompaniment, dessert, snack, etc.) for both your younger sister and you. She has given you $10 to purchase the ingredients at the neighbourhood supermarket. Plan your lunch menu, taking into account the given budget. Explain your choice of ingredients used and the dish you have decided to cook.”


Okay so at first I wanted to do sandwiches, because that is what I actually eat at home. However, making a simple egg mayo/tuna sandwich would not display any of the culinary skills I posessed. Thus, I decided to incorporate some cooked foods. Additionally, a sandwich on it’s own is very boring, so I decided to complement it with fruit salad, which would be tasty and nutritious.

Instead of making a sandwich, I decided to make a wrap instead, to add a hint of originality, since people don’t eat wraps as often as salads. Additionally, folding the wrap instead of sandwiching ingredients between bread would ensure that the ingredients do not fall out, which happens often when my sister eats (she’s 7 and tends to make a mess of her food).

My sister prefers fruits and vegetables to meat, so I think putting lettuce and tomatoes in the wrap, and serving a bowl of fruit salad will suit her tastes.  She is also slightly overweight, so a healthy wrap with minimally cooked foods (only the grilled chicken) will be good for her.  However, she is allergic allergic to MSG, so I cannot use any sauces/ingredients with MSG. I prefer meat to vegetables, which is why I will put grilled chicken in the wrap. I also like fruits, especially blueberries, so putting blueberries in the salad will be a treat.

I decided to grill the chicken because it is not an unhealthy way to cook the meat, unlike ways such as frying. Grilling the chicken would be an appropriate skill to display during my PT.



My reflection

I am quite satisfied with what I managed to create on the day of my PT, although I could’ve done better in several aspects. I could’ve done slightly more research on how to make the wraps more presentable or yummy or less dry, because I’m sure mayo isn’t the only solution. And there are probably better alternatives. Additionally, my wrap was falling apart. Maybe I could have planned before folding my wrap, to ensure minimal creasing which leads to tears in the wrap.

And as for the fruit salad, I think I could’ve made it more presentable. I saw Joey’s fruit salad (lychees and um green apple I think?) and the colours went very nicely together. Additionally, the lychees were unusual, which made the dish more interesting. Joey’s salad made me realise I could have had a more creatively/presentably mixed salad.

But overall I’m happy with my wraps and salad. I finished it within the designated time frame and ingredients cost total was under $10 despite the expensive blueberries.

Thank you Mrs Abbas for being a fantastic teacher!

Cooking process and final product (on the PT day itself.)

We finally did our PT, and it was a success! 😀 This is my cooking process, and the steps I took to finish my food item.


Ingredients used:

fruit salad (two bowls)

– 1/2 pear

– 1 apple

– 3 slices of lemon

– a teaspoon of sugar

– a small box of blueberries

Chicken wrap

– 2 pieces of halal chicken (shredded in the end)

– 6 leaves of lettuce

– 2 pieces of wrap skin

– 1 tomato

my marinate consisted of the following:


steps I took:

Fruit salad

1. Chop the pear and apple up into small squares.  Pour into a small bowl.

2. Sprinkle the lemon juice and sugar and mix.

3. Put into fridge to chill.

Chicken wraps

1. Wash the chicken.

2. Marinate the chicken.

3. Grill the chicken.

4. While the chicken is grilling, wash and shred the lettuce. Slice the tomatoes. Make sure the vegetables are as dry as possible so as to not make the wrap skin soggy (tomatoes can stay juicy)

5. When the chicken is done grilling, shred the chicken.

6. Organise the lettuce, the tomatoes, and the shredded chicken together on the wrap, in such a manner that it can be folded. Fold the wrap.

7. Toast the completed wrap for 30 seconds in the oven.




Price of ingredients:

6 leaves of lettuce: 4oc

1 tomato: 30c

1/2 pear: 40c

1 apple: 60c

A bowl of blueberries: $2

3 slices of lemon: 30c

2 pieces of wrap skin: 40c

2 pieces of halal chicken: told not to be counted in by Mrs Abbas

Total:$ 4.40 (I also did include the sauce and sugar prices though because it was very little and negligible)

Result: Under $10.