Task analysis

The task:

“Your mum has requested that you help to prepare a simple nutritious dish (main course, accompaniment, dessert, snack, etc.) for both your younger sister and you. She has given you $10 to purchase the ingredients at the neighbourhood supermarket. Plan your lunch menu, taking into account the given budget. Explain your choice of ingredients used and the dish you have decided to cook.”


Okay so at first I wanted to do sandwiches, because that is what I actually eat at home. However, making a simple egg mayo/tuna sandwich would not display any of the culinary skills I posessed. Thus, I decided to incorporate some cooked foods. Additionally, a sandwich on it’s own is very boring, so I decided to complement it with fruit salad, which would be tasty and nutritious.

Instead of making a sandwich, I decided to make a wrap instead, to add a hint of originality, since people don’t eat wraps as often as salads. Additionally, folding the wrap instead of sandwiching ingredients between bread would ensure that the ingredients do not fall out, which happens often when my sister eats (she’s 7 and tends to make a mess of her food).

My sister prefers fruits and vegetables to meat, so I think putting lettuce and tomatoes in the wrap, and serving a bowl of fruit salad will suit her tastes.  She is also slightly overweight, so a healthy wrap with minimally cooked foods (only the grilled chicken) will be good for her.  However, she is allergic allergic to MSG, so I cannot use any sauces/ingredients with MSG. I prefer meat to vegetables, which is why I will put grilled chicken in the wrap. I also like fruits, especially blueberries, so putting blueberries in the salad will be a treat.

I decided to grill the chicken because it is not an unhealthy way to cook the meat, unlike ways such as frying. Grilling the chicken would be an appropriate skill to display during my PT.



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