My reflection

I am quite satisfied with what I managed to create on the day of my PT, although I could’ve done better in several aspects. I could’ve done slightly more research on how to make the wraps more presentable or yummy or less dry, because I’m sure mayo isn’t the only solution. And there are probably better alternatives. Additionally, my wrap was falling apart. Maybe I could have planned before folding my wrap, to ensure minimal creasing which leads to tears in the wrap.

And as for the fruit salad, I think I could’ve made it more presentable. I saw Joey’s fruit salad (lychees and um green apple I think?) and the colours went very nicely together. Additionally, the lychees were unusual, which made the dish more interesting. Joey’s salad made me realise I could have had a more creatively/presentably mixed salad.

But overall I’m happy with my wraps and salad. I finished it within the designated time frame and ingredients cost total was under $10 despite the expensive blueberries.

Thank you Mrs Abbas for being a fantastic teacher!


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