Cooking process and final product (on the PT day itself.)

We finally did our PT, and it was a success! 😀 This is my cooking process, and the steps I took to finish my food item.


Ingredients used:

fruit salad (two bowls)

– 1/2 pear

– 1 apple

– 3 slices of lemon

– a teaspoon of sugar

– a small box of blueberries

Chicken wrap

– 2 pieces of halal chicken (shredded in the end)

– 6 leaves of lettuce

– 2 pieces of wrap skin

– 1 tomato

my marinate consisted of the following:


steps I took:

Fruit salad

1. Chop the pear and apple up into small squares.  Pour into a small bowl.

2. Sprinkle the lemon juice and sugar and mix.

3. Put into fridge to chill.

Chicken wraps

1. Wash the chicken.

2. Marinate the chicken.

3. Grill the chicken.

4. While the chicken is grilling, wash and shred the lettuce. Slice the tomatoes. Make sure the vegetables are as dry as possible so as to not make the wrap skin soggy (tomatoes can stay juicy)

5. When the chicken is done grilling, shred the chicken.

6. Organise the lettuce, the tomatoes, and the shredded chicken together on the wrap, in such a manner that it can be folded. Fold the wrap.

7. Toast the completed wrap for 30 seconds in the oven.




Price of ingredients:

6 leaves of lettuce: 4oc

1 tomato: 30c

1/2 pear: 40c

1 apple: 60c

A bowl of blueberries: $2

3 slices of lemon: 30c

2 pieces of wrap skin: 40c

2 pieces of halal chicken: told not to be counted in by Mrs Abbas

Total:$ 4.40 (I also did include the sauce and sugar prices though because it was very little and negligible)

Result: Under $10.




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